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Work Started on the Biogas Digester

Work Started on the Biogas Digester

We give thanks and praise to God for the generosity of our supporters and sponsors through the campaign to raise funds for the construction of a biogas digester!

We are so pleased to announce that work has started on the biogas digester!

It's always difficult to decide where priorities lie and how far we are to step out in faith but we know from experience and the faith of those who pray for Abba Father's House that God is indeed good. With the generosity of our supporters we have now decided on the biogas digester design and have retained a team of engineers and workers who have begun construction.

excavations for the biogas digester
Excavations for the biogas digester

There a number of designs available for biogas digesters but we have opted for a design that will give us low maintenance, long term production of gas and also ensuring safety for the children, workers and animals at Abba Fathers House. We have begun work on the production of a sub-surface concrete digester with a ferro-concrete housing and a steel cover. This will work well into the future and be of immense benefit to Abba Fathers House.

We give thanks for the generosity and kindness of our supporters and would like to remind our readers that we are still taking donations!

BioGas Production


56 % Funded


About the project

We now have enough dung from our cows and pigs to produce reasonable amounts of biogas but this can only be done by funding being available. We are looking to raise an additional £1000 which means we will have enough capital to create a biogas system.

Initially we would do this by setting a goal of £500 and matching the donations but honestly the response from our supporters has been amazing. We feel led to stretch the goal we set and that will enable us to use the matching amount for our other projects.

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God bless!

Juliet and the Abba Fathers House team

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