The Children

Children are a gift from God and they are the future generation of tomorrow. They need to be loved and cared for.

Abba Father's House's calling is to rescue disadvantaged children from the oppression and depression caused by poverty which comes as a result of the death of their loved ones. We have a passion to build homes where disadvantaged children can live safely and have the chance of a better life. We desire to give the children and widows love, spiritual and practical care, skills training and the encouragement to hope for the future.

The HIV/AIDS virus has claimed lots of lives in Uganda leaving many children orphaned. Life for such children means great emptiness as there is no one to look to for support or guidance of any kind. All children have needs in order that they can grow and develop but for an orphaned child in Uganda, the situation is dire. It means continuous hopelessness, deprivation, physical and emotional distress, enduring pain with no comforter, and absolutely nothing to look forward to and, most of the time, these young people end up becoming useless citizens or public nuisances as they resort to prostitution, thieving and drug abuse in their quest for survival. They are also vulnerable to those who would abuse and take advantage of them.

The children under our care now live in a safe environment and they receive all the care and nurturing needed to enable them to grow in every way. We are able to provide a safe, comfortable environment, good education, nourishment, skills training, medical care and a variety of staff who are able to meet their emotional and spiritual needs. We also undergo regular inspections from the authorities and have developed many contacts with the local government to ensure that every child gets the support they need.

The lives of children are being transformed and we are seeing individual children blossom, grow and develop. We have children in every class from primary one to university level. The children are aged from five to nineteen. Most of the children join when they are older and in Uganda everybody’s education starts from primary one and everyone has to pass their exams to go to the next class.

Despite the covid 19 disruption which caused a loss of 2 year’s education, we have been successful at raising and educating children up to university level which isn’t easy by any means, but thanks to our partners and friends who have graciously supported us over the years.

The children we started with in 2006 have completed their education and have found jobs and they are now living independent lives, praise God and thanks to our partners and sponsors .

The children come from different backgrounds and most times they are challenging. We never know what we have got so staff just keep an open mind with a readiness to help. The need for capable leader is very pivotal. We train our staff in ways to conduct themselves and follow the guide lines as a must in order to maintain discipline at the Home. There are House rules to be followed by children as well and this helps us to manage behavioural issues.

Our children attend local schools in and around Jinja. During school term they leave very early and return in the evening. Whilst the children are at school staff members carry out the day-to-day jobs at the home and they get ready for children ministry from 5 pm when the children begin to return home. The home gets very busy during school holidays as full-time ministry is required to manage children, carry out skill training and other activities and to offer one to one care. We have children from the age of 5 to 19 and the need for capable leader is very pivotal.

We require skilled people to come aboard AFH to have an opportunity to use their gifts to benefit vulnerable children and we always send out appeals for people to visit and offer all round training. We are always in need of toys, books, play equipment and we also give opportunity for people to donate towards these items.

Please email if you have any ideas that would be of benefit to our young people or to visit us.

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