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Highlights of May 2024 So Far

Highlights of May 2024 So Far

Every little helps to turn a life around for good.

We are very grateful to our partners and friends who have stood with us over our 18 years of operation through our child sponsorship programme which is empowering us to be a blessing to the vulnerable orphaned children in our care. Together we’re giving hope and a good future to many children with all round support that they would never have laid hold of without our help. The first children we supported completed full education and moved on and they are now working and fending for themselves which we are very proud of.

This week, the home received an unannounced visit from the Lottery Club of Jinja. As the children are on school holiday, the visitors had an opportunity to interact with them. The children were also blessed with gifts of snacks and clothes which made their day. This was the 3rd time that the Lottery Club visited the home and we’re grateful for their contribution.

visitors from the Jinja Lottery Club
visitors from the Jinja Lottery Club providing gifts for the children
visitors from the Jinja Lottery Club
Smiles all round!
visitors from the Jinja Lottery Club
So many gifts of sweets and clothes

We’re also very excited to report that the biogas digester construction is progressing very well as our partners and friends have continued to support us in raising the funds needed to have this done. We are hopeful that the construction work will be completed in a week’s time or so. 

biogas digester construction
Almost there!

Here are the benefits of the digestor:

It will help to alleviate the challenges of mosquitoes and flies coming from the cow and pig’s dung which had posed a hazard to the children and staff health and wellbeing.
It will help to turn the dung into a fuel for cooking which is a lot easier than using firewood and charcoal.
It will also help to greatly reduce costs on funds used to purchase firewood, charcoal and most importantly save on medical expenses as every sickness means loss of funds to treatment for children as there is no adequate treatment in the general hospitals in Uganda and families have to face bills on treatment for their loved ones.

biogas digester
Pipework in place and first dome covered

Thank you all for your gracious support towards vulnerable children at Abba Father’s House. Your support gives us perspective goes a long way in helping not just one child succeed, but many who will be future parents of tomorrow.


Juliet and the team at Abba Father's House

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