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School Fees Term 2 2024

School Fees Term 2 2024

This week's focus is preparation for the children's return to school for their second term.

Uganda's school academic year comprises three terms a year. The first term usually starts at the end of January and ends at the end of April. The second term commences from May to August, followed by the 3rd and last term from Sept to December. 
In Uganda, children have to be interviewed to be offered a school placement, and children have to pass their exams to be allowed to go to the next class and often those who don't perform well are made to repeat (which means double cost for the child who fails). In the case of our children, it's inevitable for some of the children to be asked to repeat as some of them start school late and without any basic knowledge, coming from villages, where education is limited.

The children attend local primary and secondary schools in and around Jinja City. During school term, they leave very early in the morning and return home in the evening. Whilst the children are at school, staff members carry out the day-to-day jobs at the home, and they get ready for children's ministry, including homework, from 5.30 pm onwards.  There is no adequate transport, so the children walk to schools, which are a while away, accompanied by a staff member. Hopefully, someone will bless us with a van one day!

Returning to school after any term is usually a nail-biting season as we have to juggle allocating funds for various school requirements depending on available funds. We have arrangements with schools to be allowed to pay fees in instalments, which they graciously accept as they can see that we're a parent with many children. Our child sponsorship program includes school fees, school meals and other requirements such as school shoes, school bags, uniforms, extra tuition fees, sports uniforms, books and contributions towards school stationery such as typing papers.

Despite the challenges we often face, we manage a day at a time, and the outcome of our hard work pays off when we see transformation and we're to be parents to these little ones who are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Please join us in our term 2 fundraiser and help us to reach our target for term 2.

God bless and reward you for your kindness.

Juliet Najja and the team at Abba Father's House

School Fees 2024


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Dear Partners and friends, It’s that time again when the holiday season comes to an end and we have to start all over again. We need to raise £1,700 to cover school fees and requirements this year. Please stand with us to help raise the so much needed funds.

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