Children are a gift from God and they are the future generation of tomorrow.

Abba Father's House's heart's desire is to rescue disadvantaged children from the oppression and depression caused by poverty which comes as a result of the death of their loved ones. We have a passion to build homes where disadvantaged children can live safely and have the chance of a better life. We desire to give the children and widows love, spiritual and practical care, skills training and the encouragement to hope for the future.

The HIV/AIDS virus has claimed lots of lives in Uganda leaving many children orphaned. Life for such children means great emptiness as there is no one to look to for support or guidance of any kind. All children have needs in order that they can grow and develop but for an orphaned child in Uganda, the situation is dire. It means continuous hopelessness, deprivation, physical and emotional distress, enduring pain with no comforter, and absolutely nothing to look forward to and, most of the time, these young people end up becoming useless citizens or public nuisances as they resort to prostitution, thieving and drug abuse in their quest for survival. They are also vulnerable to those who would abuse and take advanatage of them.

The children under our care now live in a safe environment and they receive all the care and nurturing needed to enable them to grow in every way. We are able to provide a safe, comfortable environment, good education, nourishment, skills training, medical care and a variety of staff who are able to meet their emotional and spiritual needs. We also undergo regular inspections from the authorities and have developed many contacts with the local government to ensure that every child gets the support they need.
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