It is our desire to become self funding and we are creating various mini projects to enable us to equip our beneficiaries with saleable skills and also to enable us to raise funds locally.

To achieve this we do need your help to get us started along the road to self sufficiency. Every little helps and great things are made out of small things. If you would like to get involved in making a difference in orphans' and widows' lives, here is a list of some of our requirements and projects that you can fund in order to help. 

Partnership - you can partner with us through prayer and also give a monthly partnership contribution of any amount.

Sponsorship - you can fully sponsor a child at £50 a month or co-sponsor a child at a monthly donation of any amount.

Involvement - you can get involved in any of various activities required by the charity as might feel led.

Bridal Wear - donate an item of bridal wear which we will hire out and raise money to support the children and widows.

Projects - you can give financial support of any amount towards our projects.

Financial gift - other sponsorship opportunities could be to sponsor education, medical costs, clothing costs, purchase of a goat etc, for a specific amount, such as £5, £10, £15, £20 or more.

Education - you can support a child with education, for example, paying school fees for a child or children, either termly or yearly, books, etc. depending on age, school fees could range from a minimum of £25 a term or £75 a year onwards (this programme will start next year).

Building - you can make a donation of any amount towards the building work of the home or towards utility bills or you might have skills which you could lend us.

Equipment - you can make financial contribution of any amount towards appliances and equipment such as cookers, fridges, washing machines, television, computers, beds mattresses, or even provide clothing, shoes etc.
Service - you can volunteer to work with the kids either short or long-term.

Medical supplies - you can give any amount towards medical care to enable us to equip our first aid box or even volunteer to be our Nurse.

Mini Projects - general donations are used for construction of mini projects such as poultry, goats, tailoring and liquit soap making, Mushroom production etc. to enable us raise funds for our general running.

Toys & games - you can donate toys and games to the children or money to enable us buy toys and outdoor games.

In return:

  1. All our donors will be kept informed of progress in the homes
  2. Our accounts will be audited and open to anyone who may wish to see them
  3. Children will be encouraged to contact their sponsors through letters or via e- mail
  4. Individual update letters on sponsored children will be sent out to their sponsors.

Mini projects

If you would like to get involved in making a difference in orphan’s and widow’s lives, here is a list of some of our requirements and projects that you can fund in order to help. 


Required Item Cost
Child Sponsorship, per month £50
Iron and wood for construction £1500
Construction of Phase 2 (2 wings) £50000
Widows catering services £655
Tailoring £350
Carpentry workshop £2000
Sewing machines, each £40
Office equipment £1800
Craft materials £150
Beds £135
Bridal project £800
Bedding £250
Chicken project £720
Mushroom project £100
Play equipment £200
Tree nursey £100
Home equipment and furniture £1000
Mobile catering project £500


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The Vision

Juliet Najja was going about her business one day in 1997 when she had an encounter with God and received a vision to comfort the orphans and widows.

This happened on an ordinary Wednesday night, which became an experience to be remembered by Juliet for a lifetime. Prior to this Juliet was leading an ordinary life until she was persuaded by her friend to go to her prayer group in Northolt, London. Juliet accepted to go to the fellowship, just to please her friend and she did not expect much to happen at all. Amazingly, on that night she had a revelation which unexpectedly changed her whole life and gave her a different perspective on life.

She felt her burdens lifted in a moment and a great peace overwhelmed her. In just an instant, Juliet’s focus changed and she started believing in God. That led her to change her priorities and she chose to seek and find out more about God.

Out of intimacy with God, Juliet received the vision in 1997 to comfort orphans and widows but it took years of seeking God for clarity and implementation as she herself needed adjustment to equip her for ministry. During this time, Juliet was working three jobs and also studying but after her encounter with the Lord, she quit two of the jobs in order to have time with the Lord which she was passionate about.

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this”, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, to keep himself unspotted from the world.James 1:27

God called Juliet to create home(s) for orphaned children to live and be comforted. In March 2006 "Abba Fathers House" charity was established in Jinja, Uganda's second largest town were we currently have 20 children in placement. The oldest children completed A’ Level and started university in 2017. The home has children in every class from Primary one to University level. The home also started a nursery school as two of the children placed were too young to start primary one. The nursery school is open to the local community at a small charge and we believe that it will progress into a Primary School in the future by God's grace.

Our first building

Abba Father's House is a registered charity both in Uganda and the UK and sits on a two and a half acre piece of land. Juliet started constructing phase 1 (a residential home) in August 2005 which was completed in February, 2006. Juliet started receiving financial support from friends and four more buildings have so far been constructed; the widows' house, poultry, mushroom, and the bakery to equip children and widows with salable skills and to also generate some local income.

In March 2006 our vision became a reality and real business of placement begun with little Doreen who was then aged five.

We don't only provide accommodation for children but we also support them with necessities for their day-to-day living needs like education, feeding, medical treatment, clothing, nurturing, skills training and to have hope for the future. We help children and widows to understand their needs and we encourage them to adapt and apply the skills and knowledge we give them into their individual circumstances. That gives them courage and motivation for the future.

Our aim is to fully equip the children raised at Abba Father's House with knowledge and skills to enable them to live independent lives. By the time they leave us we hope they are ready to become responsible adults who could also pass this vision to the next generation. We are committed to rescuing disadvantaged children and widows from the oppression and depression caused by poverty, which comes as a result of the death of their loved ones. We have a passion to build homes where disadvantaged children can live safely and have the chance of a better life. Depending on God's leading and availability of funds, we hope to extend across Uganda, and into all nations by the will of God according to the vision God gave Juliet.

The HIV/AIDS virus has claimed lots of lives in Uganda, leaving many children orphaned and women widowed. Life for these children and widows means emptiness as there is no one to look to for support or guidance of any kind. All children have needs in order that they can grow and develop, but for an orphaned child in Uganda, the situation is dire. It means continuous hopelessness, deprivation, physical and emotional distress, enduring pain with no comforter and absolutely nothing to look forward to. Most of the time, these young people end up becoming failed citizens or public nuisances as they resort to prostitution, thieving, and drug abuse in their quest to survive. The same applies for widows as men are usually the bread earners in the family.

The older children have been given the opportunity to practice work on apprenticeship basis part time and to sow back into the ministry whilst they study and they receive a financial incentive which they love.

Welcome to Abba Father's House

Abba Father’s House is an orphanage and children's home in Jinja, Uganda's second largest town.


Picnic time!
Enjoying time together
A day out to the resort
Time for drinks
Juliet with some of the children
In the shade
Some of the children
Posing as kids will!

We are a Christian charity with God’s call to create homes for disadvantaged children, especially orphans who lost their parents due to circumstances such as HIV and AIDS.

Abba Father's House was started in 2006 and continues to give children all round care, hope for the future and they learn to develop a positive attitude to their physical and spiritual future. We do this by support from our friends and partners through child sponsorship, one-off financial gifts, prayers, donations towards project work and much more. We also support provide practical support to widows in various ways.

The Children


Children are a gift from God and they are the future generation of tomorrow. They need to be loved and cared for.

Abba Father's House's calling is to rescue disadvantaged children from the oppression and depression caused by poverty which comes as a result of the death of their loved ones. We have a passion to build homes where disadvantaged children can live safely and have the chance of a better life. We desire to give the children and widows love, spiritual and practical care, skills training and the encouragement to hope for the future.

The HIV/AIDS virus has claimed lots of lives in Uganda leaving many children orphaned. Life for such children means great emptiness as there is no one to look to for support or guidance of any kind. All children have needs in order that they can grow and develop but for an orphaned child in Uganda, the situation is dire. It means continuous hopelessness, deprivation, physical and emotional distress, enduring pain with no comforter, and absolutely nothing to look forward to and, most of the time, these young people end up becoming useless citizens or public nuisances as they resort to prostitution, thieving and drug abuse in their quest for survival. They are also vulnerable to those who would abuse and take advantage of them.

The children under our care now live in a safe environment and they receive all the care and nurturing needed to enable them to grow in every way. We are able to provide a safe, comfortable environment, good education, nourishment, skills training, medical care and a variety of staff who are able to meet their emotional and spiritual needs. We also undergo regular inspections from the authorities and have developed many contacts with the local government to ensure that every child gets the support they need.

The lives of children are being transformed and we are seeing individual children blossom, grow and develop. We have children in every class from primary one to university level. The children are aged from five to nineteen. Most of the children join when they are older and in Uganda everybody’s education starts from primary one and everyone has to pass their exams to go to the next class.


The children come from different backgrounds and most times they are challenging. We never know what we have got so staff just keep an open mind with a readiness to help. The need for capable leader is very pivotal. We train our staff in ways to conduct themselves and follow the guide lines as a must in order to maintain discipline at the Home. There are House rules to be followed by children as well and this helps us to manage behavioural issues.

Our children attend local schools in and around Jinja. During school term they leave very early and return in the evening. Whilst the children are at school staff members carry out the day to day jobs at the home and they get ready for children ministry from 5 pm when the children begin to return home. The home gets very busy during school holidays as full time ministry is required to manage children, carry out skill training and other activities and to offer one to one care. We have children from the age of 5 to 19 and the need for capable leader is very pivotal.

We require skilled people to come aboard AFH to have an opportunity to use their gifts to benefit vulnerable children and we always send out appeals for people to visit and offer all round training. We are always in need of toys, books, play equipment and we also give opportunity for people to donate towards these items.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any ideas that would be of benefit to our young people or to visit us.

The Widows

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has left many women as widows and infected by the disease and yet the majority of the women in Uganda are housewives.

This means that when a woman loses her husband, her whole world crashes down. She does not only grieve for the loss of her husband but she is also frightened of the huge burden she has to take on her own, the expenses involved especially as she has no income at all. Without our help, widows face daily challenges of having no food, clothing, education and general care for themselves and their children and often widows die very young of trauma and treatable diseases due to poverty.

Most people who try to help others tend to think or profess that “they know how they feel”, but this is not true because all of us are unique beings and we all react to issues differently. It is wrong for anyone to assume that they understand how others feel unless they have been in a similar situation or it is revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. Having gone through the same situation at some point in your life still does not guarantee you knowledge of how someone else might be feeling about their situation, all we do is try to imagine how other people might be feeling. The good news is that no matter how big the problem, God is bigger than all situations that happen to us. That’s why the bible tells us to pray in all situations and to believe that God is faithful to give us breakthroughs.

From Philippians 4:6-7.

6 Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

We purpose to journey with the widows on a step by step basis until they come to a place where they too can identify their needs be able to make right choices and apply them into their individual circumstances.

This is how AFH is making a difference to widows.

AFH staff express sympathy, kindness, comfort and listen to widow’s needs in order to identify their underlying issues. This gives widows hope and assurance that we are for them and not against them. It also releases them from fear and gives widows liberty to tell us more about themselves and to work wish us.

AFH staff seek to find solutions to widow’s problems instead of being judgmental.

We help widows to understand their needs and we encourage them to adapt and apply the skills and knowledge that we give them into their individual circumstances and that frees from fear and motivates them to have hope for a bright future.

Through fellowship, widows are helped to identify the root causes of the problems which keep them in bondage and they are receiving inner healing through prayer, practical help and knowledge of God through the bible Isaiah 55:1-13. We also have a Ministry Team work book to enable trainers to minister to widows in all situations.

At the moment, widows are producing such things as necklaces made from local material, table clothes, paper bags, and other handcrafts for sale while we wait for a building to be constructed where all widow’s activities will be conducted.

Our future plan is for the widows to get involved in our various project works to enable them to acquire saleable skills from which they can earn a living.