It is our desire to become self funding and we are creating various mini projects to enable us to equip our beneficiaries with saleable skills and also to enable us raise funds locally.

Please consider supporting the work of Abba Father's House

Every little helps and great things are made out of small things.  If you would like to get involved in making a difference in orphans' and widows' lives, here is a list of some of our requirements and projects that you can fund in order to help.

Partnership - you can partner with us through prayer and also give a monthly partnership contribution of any amount

Sponsorship - you can fully sponsor a child at £50a month or co-sponsor a child at a monthly donation of any amount

Involvement - you can get involved in any of various activities required by the charity as might feel led.

Bridal Wear - donate an item of bridal wear which we will hire out and raise money to support children and widows

Projects - you can give financial support of any amount towards our projects

Financial gift - other sponsorship opportunities could be to sponsor education, medical costs, clothing costs, purchase of a goat etc, for a specific amount, such as £5, £10, £15, £20 or more.

Education - you can support a child with education, for example, paying school fees for a child or children, either termly or yearly, books, etc. depending on age, school fees could range from a minimum of £25 a term or £75 a year  onwards (this programme will start next year)

Building - you can make a donation of any amount towards the building work of the home or towards utility bills or you might have skills which you could lend us

Equipment - you can make financial contribution of any amount towards appliances and equipment such as cookers, fridges, washing machines, television, computers, beds mattresses, or even provide clothing, shoes etc
Service - you can volunteer to work with the kids either short or long-term.

Medical supplies - you can give any amount towards medical care to enable us to equip our first aid box or even volunteer to be our Nurse

Mini Projects - general donations are used for construction of mini projects such as poultry, goats, tailoring and liquit soap making, Mushroom production etc. to enable us raise funds for our general running

Toys & games - you can donate toys and games to the children or money to enable us buy toys and outdoor games

In return


v All our donors will be kept informed of  progress in the homes


v Our accounts will be audited and open to anyone who may wish to see them.


v Children will be encouraged to contact their sponsors through letters or via e- mail.


NB:      Individual update letters on sponsored children will be sent out to their sponsors.


Mini projects


If you would like to get involved in making a difference in orphan’s and widow’s lives, here is a list of some of our requirements and projects that you can fund in order to help.


Home requiredments                                                            Projects you could fund


Required Item
Amount in
Required Item
Amount in  £
Child sponsorwhip (monthly)
£46 per month
Construction iron & wood
Construction of Phase 2 (2 wings)
Widow’s catering services
Home van
Carpentry worskshop
Sewing machines @
Office equipment
Crafts Materials
Beds (6)
Bridal Project
Chicken project
£300 or £720
Grass mower
Mushrooms project
Play equipment
Tree nursery
Home equipment
Mobile catering project