The Vision

The Vision

Juliet Najja was going about her business one day in 1997 when she had an encounter with God and received a vision to comfort the orphans and widows.

This happened on an ordinary Wednesday night, which became an experience to be remembered by Juliet for a lifetime. Prior to this Juliet was leading an ordinary life until she was persuaded by her friend to go to her prayer group in Northolt, London. Juliet accepted to go to the fellowship, just to please her friend and she did not expect much to happen at all. Amazingly, on that night she had a revelation which unexpectedly changed her whole life and gave her a different perspective on life.

She felt her burdens lifted in a moment and a great peace overwhelmed her. In just an instant, Juliet’s focus changed and she started believing in God. That led her to change her priorities and she chose to seek and find out more about God.

Juliet Najja

Out of intimacy with God, Juliet received the vision in 1997 to comfort orphans and widows but it took years of seeking God for clarity and implementation as she herself needed adjustment to equip her for ministry. During this time, Juliet was working three jobs and also studying but after her encounter with the Lord, she quit two of the jobs in order to have time with the Lord which she was passionate about.

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this”, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, to keep himself unspotted from the world.James 1:27

God called Juliet to create home(s) for orphaned children to live and be comforted. In March 2006 "Abba Fathers House" charity was established in Jinja, Uganda's second largest town were we currently have 20 children in placement. The oldest children completed A’ Level and started university in 2017. The home has children in every class from Primary one to University level. The home also started a nursery school as two of the children placed were too young to start primary one. The nursery school is open to the local community at a small charge and we believe that it will progress into a Primary School in the future by God's grace.

Our first building

Abba Father's House is a registered charity both in Uganda and the UK and sits on a two and a half acre piece of land. Juliet started constructing phase 1 (a residential home) in August 2005 which was completed in February, 2006. Juliet started receiving financial support from friends and four more buildings have so far been constructed; the widows' house, poultry, mushroom, and the bakery to equip children and widows with salable skills and to also generate some local income.

In March 2006 our vision became a reality and real business of placement begun with little Doreen who was then aged five.

We don't only provide accommodation for children but we also support them with necessities for their day-to-day living needs like education, feeding, medical treatment, clothing, nurturing, skills training and to have hope for the future. We help children and widows to understand their needs and we encourage them to adapt and apply the skills and knowledge we give them into their individual circumstances. That gives them courage and motivation for the future.

Our aim is to fully equip the children raised at Abba Father's House with knowledge and skills to enable them to live independent lives. By the time they leave us we hope they are ready to become responsible adults who could also pass this vision to the next generation. We are committed to rescuing disadvantaged children and widows from the oppression and depression caused by poverty, which comes as a result of the death of their loved ones. We have a passion to build homes where disadvantaged children can live safely and have the chance of a better life. Depending on God's leading and availability of funds, we hope to extend across Uganda, and into all nations by the will of God according to the vision God gave Juliet.

The HIV/AIDS virus has claimed lots of lives in Uganda, leaving many children orphaned and women widowed. Life for these children and widows means emptiness as there is no one to look to for support or guidance of any kind. All children have needs in order that they can grow and develop, but for an orphaned child in Uganda, the situation is dire. It means continuous hopelessness, deprivation, physical and emotional distress, enduring pain with no comforter and absolutely nothing to look forward to. Most of the time, these young people end up becoming failed citizens or public nuisances as they resort to prostitution, thieving, and drug abuse in their quest to survive. The same applies for widows as men are usually the bread earners in the family.

The older children have been given the opportunity to practice work on apprenticeship basis part time and to sow back into the ministry whilst they study and they receive a financial incentive which they love.